How can I participate in VEX India Championship?

Participation Process:

  • Select your Team Name and Team Size: Team Size Minimum 2 Maximum 6
  • Age Criteria: Select Elementary School Division or Middle School Division
  • Register your team: vexindia.com/competition/registration
I am not an Indian OR I don’t live in India. Can I Participate?

Yes you can participate even if you are not an Indian but you have to live in India.

Can I participate in two teams?

No you cannot participate in two teams.

How can I construct my robot for VEX India Championship?

When you purchase VEX IQ Super Kit, you receive a manual that will guide you to build Clawbot but it is not mandatory to build a Clawbot only, you can construct any ROBOT using the VEXIQ kits. You can also refer to Resources Tab for further study.

How many robots from one team?

Only 1 robot is allowed from a Team

Can I use other VEX IQ kit accessories to build my robot for Championship?

Yes you can use ONLY VEX IQ accessories. Every Robot will go through Robot Inspection.

Please find the Robot Inspection file for your reference.

What are the dimensions of a robot?

Robot Dimension:

  • Only contact the Floor within a 13” x 13” area
  • Fit within a 13” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position
  • Be no taller than 15”
  • Robot may not expand beyond its 13” x 20” starting area constraint at any time during the match. However, Robots are permitted to expand beyond their 15” starting height constraint at any time during the match.
How can I learn Robot C programming?

You can refer to the programming curriculum http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/previews/robot_c_products/teaching_rc_vex_iq/

You can also refer to Resources Tab for further study.

What are other programming languages using which I can program my robot?

Modkit for VEX

Modkit allows for custom robot commands, sensor interaction and more. Modkit for VEX is a graphical programming environment developed specifically for VEX IQ

Visit: http://www.modkit.com/vex

ROBOT C for VEX Robotics 4.x (CORTEX & VEXIQ)

ROBOTC is a C-Based Programming Language allows users to program their VEX IQ robots using a brand new graphical drag-and-drop programming interface with an Easy-to-Use Development Environment.

Visit: http://www.robotc.net/download/vexrobotics/

easyC V5 for VEX EDR & VEX IQ

EasyC provides a crawl, walk, run software design allowing novice users to produce effective code within a short period of time and contains exposure to pure C code for advanced users wanting more complex programming methods.

Visit: http://intelitek-shop.com/index.php/cPath/2_50

How many teams will qualify for VEX World Championship (Kentucky)?

Top winning teams from India will get an opportunity to participate at VEX World Championship at the Kentucky Exposition Center located in Louisville, USA.

How many Mentors/Coaches/Guardians are allowed with a team?

One mentor per team, and there is no restriction on the number of parents/guardians allowed at the venue.

What will be the Prizes/ Awards/ Certificates for the winning teams?

The winning teams will get a trophy and certificate. Each participant will get participation certificate and mentor certificate. All Schools will get a memento from VEX India.

Who will sponsor our Trip to USA if we qualify for International Round?

MINDBOX or ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Or any other partners/ Sponsors are not responsible to sponsor your Trip and Participation in international round. That needs to be taken care by the participating team itself.

What resources and support are available for teams and coaches?

Online Tutorials: www.vexindia.com/competition/online-tutotrial/

VEX India Support Line: For further queries, call on 022-42018000

VEX India Email Id: info@vexindia.com

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